Sponsor: Carl’s Sr.

The best restaurants use only a few finely selected ingredients and Carls Sr. is no exception.  Specializing in a rotisserie chicken that scores 10/10 in both value and taste.  Succulent, moist and only $6.  We’re proud to offer our first side option (Don’t worry the rotisserie is as good as ever), a home style mac n cheese.  Located in the heart of downtown Dunedin, near Skips bar and that fish place.  Over 1,000 positive reviews on yelp.  Against only one negative, probably from the hobos they kicked out of the bathroom for having sex.  How they got on the internet we’ll never know.  Established 2010.

Tony: “This is the best chicken I’ve ever had and it’s cheaper than Sams!”

Dan: “I’ve never had chicken, but it smells good.”