Our Biggest Bet Yet

Folks if you’re even moderate listeners you know about our super fan, turned protege, Lu “Jasmine”.  Lu came to us essentially as a pretty smart, pretty funny, case of diabetes.  Lu was 14.  He stood over 6 feet tall and weighed in excess of 300 pounds.  He’d never played a competitive sport.  He’d never left the world of private school and fast food.  Lu’s request of us was as simple to understand as it was difficult to accomplish.  How can I excel in high school?  How to make friends from nothing and just generally do the whole damn thing right as right as you can do it.  To make high schools biggest Freshmen its biggest success.  To compete like Tony, to party like Dan and to succeed more conventionally than both.

That’s a lot to ask with less than 6 months to the start of high school.  Fortunately the only thing bigger than Lu’s demands was Lu’s commitment.  He wasn’t afraid to ask questions and he really listened to all the answers.  He read the texts, he watched the movies, he listened to the music and he came back with more questions.  We pushed him to the football fields and he took it from there.  Lu didn’t miss a day of football practice and gained the respect of the jits and the coaches alike in a sport he’d never seen before.  He ran from the back of the line to the front.  He lost over 30 pounds in a matter of weeks.  By the start of the school year three weeks ago he could out lift his mentor at the same age.  They wanted to play him on the offense and on the defense.  He had dozens of friends more than the two he would have had without football.  Remember he was coming from an ~80 student private school to the 2200 student public high school.  He’s one of the fliest dressers in the school because as we rationalized “When you’re 6’1 300 everyones going to look at you, make it so they can’t help but like what they see.”  The kid’s even in good shape to be the one freshman elected to the homecoming court.  This prospect is well on his way.  Check out episode 12 for our initial consultation with Lu.

So here we are Thursday August 31st. The season opener,  Lu’s first football game, is tonight at 7pm when Palm Harbor Hurricanes head to Tarpon Springs to take on the Spongers.  Lu is #77, the starting Left Guard.  A great many things are riding on this game and we hope it will be a good one.  Tony and I along with a few other friends will be in attendance.

So win or lose tonight, everyone is as proud of you as they could be.
But it better be a win because I legit bet against this Greek bastard I know from middle school that went to Tarpon High.  He “wanted to bet a lot on their home opener” and when I see that on Facebook what am I gonna do when you’re playing in the game?  Not bet this square $250?  That’s like a sign from god to bet this fool.  So if yall lose you wont be in this alone.  I’ll blame god, but not just god.  You and your jit friends too.  Too busy being all cool on twitter to watch the damn plays.  I don’t think it’s based on anything but that Greek was really high on Tarpon.  I was able to get 5.5 points.  That means you can lose by 5 points or less and I still win the bet.  You should know what that means.  I taught you to gamble.  Don’t lose.


Summer Olympics starting soon! Golf is first.

Training is literally in full swing for the 2017 LaG Summer Olympics.  Our first event will be Golf, likely followed by Bowling.  Golf will be a two man best ball competition and will take place on a par 3 course in North Pinellas on either a Monday or Tuesday.  This event will see Tony and Dan vs Nic and a partner of his choosing.  Everything at this point is contingent on weather and as soon as we have an exact location and time we will post it on the blog as spectators are very welcome.  Dem Boys full golf practice session is currently being edited and will be live on the podcast Thursday June 22nd.  Stay tuned.

Business Consulting

As I return home from another disappointing trip to a local business, I’m obliged to remind everyone of the huge improvements we could make to anyone’s business or life.  The average business is so poorly run that the only reason they stay open is that the other proprietors are just as ignorant.  Even if you think your business is brilliantly run (it is not) we could begin making huge improvements from hour one.  Do you want to crush the competition?  Do you want to make more money?  Do you want to improve your reputation?  Do you want to learn how to hire worthwhile employees and dump dead weight?  Are you having trouble starting up or finding your niche?  We can help with all of the above.  Everyone from a sole proprietorship at the flea market to Google, the worlds largest company, could benefit tremendously from our analysis and guidance.

A business consultant or a life coach is just like a mirror.  Sure you might be able to fix your appearance without one but you can’t be compete with anyone who has one.  We can help you build a stellar reputation and make sure that your clients never go anywhere else.  We do this by focusing on the quality of your product or service, your customer service and your management.  We scout your business, the market and the competition and give you highly specific advice to make your business the only one in the field that matters.  We’re not talking about promotions or short term gimmicks, we will (if you follow our advice) improve your business so fundamentally that it will stand the test of time.

I’ve been running my own business since I was a freshman in high school fixing electronics.  I started off in a tight knit neighborhood close to my house to A) Take advantage of word of mouth and B) I didn’t have a car.  This particular business was a good idea because it’s not licensed and the demand was and remains very high.  By being as legitimately friendly as possible, trying to fix everything (even things I’d never seen before) and not charging unless I fixed the problem I quickly built up a huge business that could employ several other people.  Today I have over 700 customers within a mile of my house, as much work as I can handle and literally the only complaint I get is that “You don’t charge enough!”.  Nobody that has ever heard of me would consider calling a computer repair store (like Geek Squad) first.  They are totally bested in terms of price, quality of repair and customer service.  People are so happy with the work I do that they pay me more than I charge and are thrilled to recommend me to their friends.  I have so much business that I routinely turn down work that’s more than a few minutes from home.

Long story short, whatever your skill sets are, we can help you better put them to work.  Whether you have an existing business, you’re looking to start up or you’re a parent that wants to help your teen be as independent as I was, we can help you!  The podcast always has good advice, if you have relatively simple questions we’ll answer as best we can for free at lifesagamble727@gmail.com.  Also contact us there for real, in depth consulting.  We are available in the Tampa Bay area for reasonable rates and at certain times of the year available for travel at rates that cover our expenses.

It’s no exaggeration to say that if you follow our advice the only reason anyone will call the competition is that you’re fully booked.

Contact:  lifesagamble727@gmail.com

MLB Play for Thursday

Taking the Royals -1.5 behind Danny Duffy over the Rangers behind Andrew Cashner for +140.  Let’s turn these blog service plays around.  Consider fading me if you don’t believe.


Update:  Yep, rename the blog “Dan Fades Away”.

Life’s a Gamble 2017 Summer Olympics

We’re happy to announce that this summer over a period of several months we will all be competing in the Life’s a Gamble Summer Olympics.  There will be two teams:

The Backyard Burners lead by Nic


Dem Boys captained by Dan and Tony.

Each team will have a total roster of 6-8 people.  For each event the leader picks their best guys for that sport.  So in 3 vs 3 Basketball Nic will be picking his best two basketball players to join him against Tony, Dan and somebody they pick to be on their team.  The event list is not final and at this point several events are tentative.

  1. 3 on 3 Basketball
  2. 5 on 5 Soccer
  3. Tug of War
  4. Relay Race
  5. School Day (4 Square, Tetherball and Dodgeball) Best 2 out of 3 sports wins the day.
  6. Free Style Wrestling
  7. Bowling
  8. Golf
  9. Shuffleboard
  10. Table Tennis
  11. Rowing (2 person kayak race)

All events can be expected to have expert guest commentary and many will be filmed for the blog.  Keep checking for Olympics updates both on the podcast and on the blog.

NHL Playoffs

Taking Nashville -1.5 (+245) over the Blackhawks at home.  Did it last two games.  Let’s break the blog bad luck.

Update:  Good lord, on the podcast I’m approaching 90% after last nights Rays game.  This blog on the other hand, I can’t win a single bet.  At this point it might be wise to fade my blog bets until I turn things around.  Proceed with caution.             – Dan

Fun Bet

Lets take a flyer on tonight’s game with the second biggest spread.  Rangers are mashing but they’ll be hitting behind Andrew Cashner (back from DL) facing the Mariners and James Paxton.  I’m taking the Rangers +145 straight up on the moneyline.  Won both my MLB bets last night, lets make this a weekend streak.  Lock ’em in now!

Update:  Cashner held up till the 6th inning until the Rangers got rocked for 5 runs and were shutout.  I was betting totally on their offense here and they got shutout.  Well, damn.


Tampa to Las Vegas Land Train

Summary: 35 hours Derby Lane, St Petersburg to middle of the Las Vegas Strip.  36 with four 15 minute stops which is a stop every 9 hours.  Most people would need more, closer to 6 or 7 stops.  37 hours with 8 stops, a stop every 4.5 hours.  Leaving Derby Lane 8 am Monday we could make Vegas by 9 pm Tuesday eastern time.  6pm local time.  It takes a while to get into (but not out of) St Pete in the morning, 8 am departure might be too early, but we don’t want to get to Vegas too late.

Parking tram 1

(A tram where the pulling truck has seating)

Standard High Speed Route:  Departs Derby Lane bound for the middle of the Las Vegas Strip (35 Hours before stops) passing through Tallahassee, Pensacola, Mobile, Jackson, Shreveport, Dallas, Wichita Falls, Amarillo, Albuquerque and Flagstaff.  Pickups can be made at a totally on the route gas station while we take a short break.  The TtV Land Train don’t wait.

Biloxi Route:  Departs Derby Lane 9 am for Biloxi (10 hours) arrives at 6pm local time.  After 1-2 days, Returns leaving Biloxi at 10 pm local time arriving at Derby Lane 9 am local time (10 hours).

Slow Rollers Tour:  Departs Derby Lane bound for Biloxi (10 hours) with additional service to Denver (29 Hours) stopping in Baton Rouge, Shreveport, Dallas and Amarillo.  With additional service to the Las Vegas Strip (40 Hours).  With additional service to Los Angeles (45 Hours).  With additional service to San Francisco (50 hours).  With additional service to Reno (54 Hours).  With additional service to Portland (63 Hours).  With additional service to Seattle (66 Hours).  With additional service to the Las Vegas Strip (83 Hours).  Return service leaves Las Vegas bound for Denver (11 Hours).  With additional service to Biloxi (31 Hours).  With additional service to Derby Lane (41 Hours).

Advantages:  No security checks, No ID, we don’t give a shit what you’re bringing with or taking back.  More room and flexibility than on a plane.  More luggage than on a plane.  Fresh air and good views.  Membership only private club format offers even more freedom from regulation.  We will never overbook, every paying passenger will get to their destination when promised.  We don’t care what you wear, no paying passenger is getting kicked off or bumped.  Passengers can be picked up along the route, more appealing to them with an even shorter time to destination.  Passengers able to drink/smoke legally for the entire duration.  Free long term parking at Derby Lane.

Disadvantages:  Time to destination.

parking tram 2

(Example of a tram where the pulling truck has no seating)

Rolling stock:  In the style of Busch Gardens and Disney parking trams.  Weatherized with roll down tarps on each side running the entire length of the car.  One pulling truck with a few rows  of seats pulling 2-4 passenger cars.  Two cars is the minimum only if the pulling truck has full seating.  Three cars is the maximum if the pulling truck has full seating/four maximum if it has no seating, for four total cars of seating.  Each with 5-6 rows a piece.  A row is probably in the neighborhood of 12-14 feet long.

Available for Sale:  Entire Rows.  Half Rows.  Third Rows.  Adjoining slots can be purchased in either the same row or adjacent rows.  First Car is non smoking.  Rest are full smoking.  Early donors can buy specific rows, giving them an option of buying their seat months before its open for sale to the public.  So if for example a trip is announced for September the donor could buy “their seat” as early as January, whereas it would only be released for sale to the public if he didn’t buy it by May/June.  Donors also pay a reduced rate on future trips.  Early donors first trip on our maiden voyage is included in the purchase of the rows.

parking tram 3

Wrestlemania Tonight, SC/NC bet win

First off, SC lost but they lost by only 4, so I hit my lean (SC +6.5 over Gonzaga) from the other day.  I’m like 80% on sports betting since the podcast and only a couple of those bets were favorites.  MLB opening day is also today.  Rays are playing the Yankees here in St. Pete.  Yankees are -116, Rays are -104.  I really don’t see value in either side of that.  Tanaka probably won’t fuck this up, no telling what Chris Archer shows up with.  He could whiff 11 batters or he could give up 6 runs.  No bet here.  Out of the three games today if I had to make a bet I’d take the Giants -1.5 over the Diamondbacks for +110.

What I’m really all about is Wrestlemania tonight on the WWE Network.  The card is so stuffed that the cruiser weight championship is on at 5 pm Eastern!  Really holding out hope for the undertaker to be sent off in a cool way.  I’m also holding out hope that Mick Foley comes in by parachute.  Tony and I have the best case scenario figured out:  Undertaker wins and at the end of the match is summoned back to hell by Paul Bearer on the screens, as he’s going to hell Mick Foley tries to save him and is pulled down to hell as well.  Ideally continuing to be General Manager but from hell.  Hopefully Kane shows up as well.

Come on Paul Bearer!


Paul Bearer