Fun Bet

Lets take a flyer on tonight’s game with the second biggest spread.  Rangers are mashing but they’ll be hitting behind Andrew Cashner (back from DL) facing the Mariners and James Paxton.  I’m taking the Rangers +145 straight up on the moneyline.  Won both my MLB bets last night, lets make this a weekend streak.  Lock ’em in now!

Update:  Cashner held up till the 6th inning until the Rangers got rocked for 5 runs and were shutout.  I was betting totally on their offense here and they got shutout.  Well, damn.


Tampa to Las Vegas Land Train

Summary: 35 hours Derby Lane, St Petersburg to middle of the Las Vegas Strip.  36 with four 15 minute stops which is a stop every 9 hours.  Most people would need more, closer to 6 or 7 stops.  37 hours with 8 stops, a stop every 4.5 hours.  Leaving Derby Lane 8 am Monday we could make Vegas by 9 pm Tuesday eastern time.  6pm local time.  It takes a while to get into (but not out of) St Pete in the morning, 8 am departure might be too early, but we don’t want to get to Vegas too late.

Parking tram 1

(A tram where the pulling truck has seating)

Standard High Speed Route:  Departs Derby Lane bound for the middle of the Las Vegas Strip (35 Hours before stops) passing through Tallahassee, Pensacola, Mobile, Jackson, Shreveport, Dallas, Wichita Falls, Amarillo, Albuquerque and Flagstaff.  Pickups can be made at a totally on the route gas station while we take a short break.  The TtV Land Train don’t wait.

Biloxi Route:  Departs Derby Lane 9 am for Biloxi (10 hours) arrives at 6pm local time.  After 1-2 days, Returns leaving Biloxi at 10 pm local time arriving at Derby Lane 9 am local time (10 hours).

Slow Rollers Tour:  Departs Derby Lane bound for Biloxi (10 hours) with additional service to Denver (29 Hours) stopping in Baton Rouge, Shreveport, Dallas and Amarillo.  With additional service to the Las Vegas Strip (40 Hours).  With additional service to Los Angeles (45 Hours).  With additional service to San Francisco (50 hours).  With additional service to Reno (54 Hours).  With additional service to Portland (63 Hours).  With additional service to Seattle (66 Hours).  With additional service to the Las Vegas Strip (83 Hours).  Return service leaves Las Vegas bound for Denver (11 Hours).  With additional service to Biloxi (31 Hours).  With additional service to Derby Lane (41 Hours).

Advantages:  No security checks, No ID, we don’t give a shit what you’re bringing with or taking back.  More room and flexibility than on a plane.  More luggage than on a plane.  Fresh air and good views.  Membership only private club format offers even more freedom from regulation.  We will never overbook, every paying passenger will get to their destination when promised.  We don’t care what you wear, no paying passenger is getting kicked off or bumped.  Passengers can be picked up along the route, more appealing to them with an even shorter time to destination.  Passengers able to drink/smoke legally for the entire duration.  Free long term parking at Derby Lane.

Disadvantages:  Time to destination.

parking tram 2

(Example of a tram where the pulling truck has no seating)

Rolling stock:  In the style of Busch Gardens and Disney parking trams.  Weatherized with roll down tarps on each side running the entire length of the car.  One pulling truck with a few rows  of seats pulling 2-4 passenger cars.  Two cars is the minimum only if the pulling truck has full seating.  Three cars is the maximum if the pulling truck has full seating/four maximum if it has no seating, for four total cars of seating.  Each with 5-6 rows a piece.  A row is probably in the neighborhood of 12-14 feet long.

Available for Sale:  Entire Rows.  Half Rows.  Third Rows.  Adjoining slots can be purchased in either the same row or adjacent rows.  First Car is non smoking.  Rest are full smoking.  Early donors can buy specific rows, giving them an option of buying their seat months before its open for sale to the public.  So if for example a trip is announced for September the donor could buy “their seat” as early as January, whereas it would only be released for sale to the public if he didn’t buy it by May/June.  Donors also pay a reduced rate on future trips.  Early donors first trip on our maiden voyage is included in the purchase of the rows.

parking tram 3

Wrestlemania Tonight, SC/NC bet win

First off, SC lost but they lost by only 4, so I hit my lean (SC +6.5 over Gonzaga) from the other day.  I’m like 80% on sports betting since the podcast and only a couple of those bets were favorites.  MLB opening day is also today.  Rays are playing the Yankees here in St. Pete.  Yankees are -116, Rays are -104.  I really don’t see value in either side of that.  Tanaka probably won’t fuck this up, no telling what Chris Archer shows up with.  He could whiff 11 batters or he could give up 6 runs.  No bet here.  Out of the three games today if I had to make a bet I’d take the Giants -1.5 over the Diamondbacks for +110.

What I’m really all about is Wrestlemania tonight on the WWE Network.  The card is so stuffed that the cruiser weight championship is on at 5 pm Eastern!  Really holding out hope for the undertaker to be sent off in a cool way.  I’m also holding out hope that Mick Foley comes in by parachute.  Tony and I have the best case scenario figured out:  Undertaker wins and at the end of the match is summoned back to hell by Paul Bearer on the screens, as he’s going to hell Mick Foley tries to save him and is pulled down to hell as well.  Ideally continuing to be General Manager but from hell.  Hopefully Kane shows up as well.

Come on Paul Bearer!


Paul Bearer

Pleasure Cruise: Part 1

What is it?:  A floating hotel rigged to be a Mecca of pleasure at sea.  Offering options that land based casinos can’t touch with a 10 foot pole.  A joint venture of the Tampa Bay Gambling and Pleasure Club, The Tampa Bay Youth Science Club, the Life’s a Gamble podcast and a group of private investors that range from classy to trashy.  The pleasure cruise will be largely a casino offering the types of gambling that are too high or too low for regulated land based casinos.  On demand table games with the most generous rules with limits based on the current clientele.  Blackjack, craps, roulette, baccarat, pai gow, anything the player wants.  A true Vegas style sports book, some poker tables (lower rake than any casino) and a dining area make up the rest of the top floor.  The middle two floors feature a mix of private rooms and social space and will feature prostitution catered to the highest and lowest budgets.  Also these rooms can be rented for you to enjoy any substances that you may have brought with you from the mainland.  To avoid being shelled by the DEA the pleasure cruise does not sell any substances that would be illegal in Florida.  But at the same time we will NOT be searching any patrons for anything but weapons.  We don’t care what you bring on, besides weapons.  You and your money are safe here but we must insist like a broken record, no weapons.

pleasure cruise

For a number of reasons all rooms aboard the ship rent by the hour.  The bottom deck of the ship features the lowest of the low.  Cockfighting,  shooting dice, Vietnamese betting on other Vietnamese guys playing Russian Roulette like in Deer Hunter (using OUR weapons), Muay Thai death matches, other sleazy eastern gambling that white people can’t comprehend and broom closets for rent by the hour with only room for a small dank cot.  Onboard staff are willing to lie to your spouse about where you are for an additional fee.  Also on board are the experts in several fields including medicine, law, the paranormal, sex, gambling instruction, gambling addiction, music and small engine repair.  If you die, you’re immediately tossed over, unless a prepaid plan is in place.  Options include being tossed over more humanely, being tossed over in a makeshift casket, a gamblers funeral with guest speaker, or for the extremely rich you’re body can be taken back ashore.  Anyone selecting this option agrees that they died fishing, on somebody else’s fucking boat.  We never met you.  The top deck features extensive pigeon coops for pigeon racing.  The pigeons are taken to points on land and raced back to the ship with live betting.  The top deck also features the world’s best outdoor full nude full contact strip club.  From 1/3 to 1/2 of the top deck is covered to remain useful in rainy weather.  Patrons will take either our own courtesy shuttles or private vessels to reach the pleasure cruise.  Our courtesy shuttles make several daily round trips from the pleasure cruise to Pinellas County beaches.

More details on the Pleasure Cruise and a gofundme with extremely generous rewards coming the the next few weeks.

Sponsor: Carl’s Sr.

The best restaurants use only a few finely selected ingredients and Carls Sr. is no exception.  Specializing in a rotisserie chicken that scores 10/10 in both value and taste.  Succulent, moist and only $6.  We’re proud to offer our first side option (Don’t worry the rotisserie is as good as ever), a home style mac n cheese.  Located in the heart of downtown Dunedin, near Skips bar and that fish place.  Over 1,000 positive reviews on yelp.  Against only one negative, probably from the hobos they kicked out of the bathroom for having sex.  How they got on the internet we’ll never know.  Established 2010.

Tony: “This is the best chicken I’ve ever had and it’s cheaper than Sams!”

Dan: “I’ve never had chicken, but it smells good.”